OMG Noida has redefined the meaning of lifestyle

Oh My God Noida is a masterpiece project which has been designed by the Design Plus Architect (DPA). DPA were recently honored with the title of the ‘architect of the year’, for the construction of the Vivanta Taj in Bangalore. And the list does not end there. There are many other consultants, like – Tripsai, Integral Design, ANI, Spazzio, and Mr. Amit Mavi (Founder and Managing Director at BOP Group) – who put in their joint efforts to turn this project into a reality.

OMG Noida has redefined the meaning of lifestyle it seems. It is a project which caters to many different branches of real estate. It can be called a multi-purpose commercial development. Under the roof of BOP, Baya Weaver Ltd. has created this wonderful project. Starting from interior decorations to space planning, and infrastructure designing – all of this has been done by the world’s finest architects and designers. This would prove to be a major, iconic structure in the NCR region of the capital city Delhi soon.
With a host of facilities under its wing, and a magnificent structure to look up to, Oh My God Noida Expressway is all set to amaze you.

OMG Noida expressway is located in the famous Jaypee wish-town on the Noida expressway, which is supposed to one of the most sought after realty destinations in NCR. The project would house 1.8 lakhs of families, along with a number of reputed Fortune 500 MNCs. And do you want to know more?
Here are a few more features to look forward to –

The project not just has numerous residential units and MNCs, but also has a 1200 bedded multi-specialty hospital, schools, colleges, as well as shopping centers – all in the vicinity. Moreover, this project is very well connected by roadways. There are ample of options of public transport to choose from too. On top of that, you would be surprised to know that all the major business and education centers, like – Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Greater Noida. All these destinations are less than 15 minutes away if you drive.
And, once the proposed Faridabad-Noida-Gurgaon (FNG) corridor is completed, the OMG Noida project would be highly accessible from all parts of Delhi as well as NCR.

Oh My God Noida Expressway is one project which will make many real estate giants around the world look up and take note. This mini town would be equipped with all sorts of ultra-luxurious amenities. In short, it is good enough to leave behind all other projects in its class. The retail space would have an area of about 4 lakhs square feet which would give space to the best brands and companies in the world.


Oh My God’ serving in retail spaces too?

Looking at the global economic scenario as soon as the year started, it did not go too well for many economic giants. After the first three months of this year 2014 many global economic giants have been reported to contract. There was less trading between companies globally along with less order of goods. Yet the level of consumption has not gone down; on the contrary it has increased a bit.
Many economic surveys have been conducted. They all point to one thing – economic activity was downtrodden around the globe for the first quarter of 2014. The contraction was almost by an amount of 0.2 per cent as compared to last year’s data.
But in India, things would become better – it is believed so. After the heralding of the new government with a fresh perspective on development, the stocks are seen to be rising as well.

OMG-Noida-Rear-Ele-Night-ViewIn the light of this, Oh My God Noida Expressway – a project undertaken by Bayaweaver Limited, which is an initiative by BOP Group of Real Estate consultants – has come up with a high-class set of retail properties along the upcoming SEZ. This retail shops project, located in and around Noida Sector 129 near the Noida expressway has many new customer oriented strategies in order to help you make your purchase of any retail property easier.
The project has decided to give away a 12 per cent assured rate of return, along with a guarantee of lease up to the year 2027. Bayaweaver’s schemes in this regard are very attractive and customer oriented. Customers will find it easier to invest or buy under such circumstances.

This project has a variety of retail spaces under its wing. Situated right in the heart of the SEZ Noida, this chain of retail spaces is perfect for anyone looking for investments with the safety of assured returns. Even if you are a first time investor, this would prove to be a stable and profit-based venture. It is seen that retail spaces never lose their value, even in the face of an economic breakdown. It is one part of real estate which always has a rising valuation. Moreover, this offer period of 9 years of lease is also beneficial.

Oh My God Noida’ is a project which has not only produced world class retail infrastructure, but has also given birth to a number of residential projects which are no less than paradise.
Nowadays, people also look at the means of communications and transport. Well-connected by metros, buses, rickshaws and autos, the locations of the project are alluring indeed. People will have absolutely no problems in commuting between places.

This bunch of retail spaces has taken flight after 12 months of immaculate planning and hard work by a team of dedicated officials, who are now proud to present to you the one of the best retail structures in the world.
It can be said that OMG Noida has revolutionized the way of working and living. It has made its mark on the Indian Real Estate list and has set a new record in the field of infrastructure. Now, Retail Space in Noida has a new form and structure.

So, if you are thinking of owning shops in Noida, Oh My God would certainly have a list of options for you to choose from. This new chain of Commercial Property in Noida has all kinds of facilities, starting from parking spaces to sky bars and restaurants. Amit Mavi, the founder of Bayaweaver rightly says, “OMG delivers a course of life that is cosmopolitan, dynamic and high-class. It is crafted for those who know precisely what they want” – especially in case of these super commercial retail spaces along with residential apartments in the vicinity.

Studio Apartment and its Benefits

The Wikipedia says –
“A studio apartment, also known as an efficiency apartment or bachelor apartment or serviced apartment, is a small apartment which combines living room, bedroom, and kitchenette into a single room. “Bachelor” or “efficiency” apartments are sometimes smaller than studio apartments. Studio apartments are generally for bachelor/ single occupancy. These kinds of apartments typically consist of one large room which serves as the living, dining, and bedroom. Kitchen facilities may either be located in the central room, or in a small separate room, and the bathroom is usually in its own smaller room.”

In India, studio apartments are usually termed as ‘1 room + kitchen’ apartment or ‘serviced apartments’. Mostly, it also contains a hall coupled with a bedroom with an attached kitchen and bathroom. The standard area employed in building a studio apartment falls in the range of 200 to 450 square feet.
Nowadays, most youngsters are following this trend of settling in studio apartments. It is small, easier to handle, and cost-effective as well.

B-town is never far behind when it comes to setting a trend or following one. John Abraham has been known for his trendy and classy style statements. His house is a wonder indeed. The theme is studio and the interiors are amazing.
‘Oh My God Noida’ or ‘Oh My God Noida Expressway’ – a realty venture by BOP via Bayaweaver which has laid stress especially on the development of studio apartments on Noida Expressway as well as other regions of Noida (both serviced and un-serviced), has indeed successfully created wonder houses. These are located at a very strategic location as Noida and the regions near Noida Expressway are upcoming SEZs with a lot of future potential. Are you in need of serviced apartments in Noida? Or studio apartments on Noida Expressway? Oh My God Noida is the answer to your needs.

Digital locks on the front doors, multi-storeyed parking, green surroundings, low cost maintenance, along with a planned location in the NCR region is indeed a box of gold for investors and buyers alike. The place where the project has been built on is well connected with transport systems; it is close to schools, colleges and banks. Moreover, if you are an employee in or around Noida, what more can you ask for! You live close to your workplace.
The studio apartments under this project have ample amount of space along with special environment friendly features. Now it is imperative for all investors and buyers to know that Green Buildings come at a marginal higher price as compared to the usual apartments, but the subsequent maintenance cost comes down to less than half as compared to the usual apartments. Electricity bill turns out to be quite less, for starters. And since the whole structure is environment friendly, it does not need much care to sustain the quality. It does its own job without any extra costs.

We further provide you with a list of benefits for residing in a studio Apartment of ‘OMG Noida’ as opposed to the usual 1-roomed apartments:

The money for rent every month is less. If you buy a studio apartment, it is less costly as compared to usual 1-room apartments. At OMG Noida, a green studio apartment helps you save a lot of money otherwise as well as emphasized earlier.

Less space to clean, hence easier to maintain for working people. Moreover, you do not need to invest in a lot of things for furnishing the entire place. A bit here and there is enough. You can choose what is most essential and what you love most to decorate your studio apartments.

Saving on electricity bill is one of the biggest perks of staying in a studio apartment, especially when it is a green one as in OMG Noida. You can invest in other things you like from the money you save on electricity every month. The best part is that you do not have to restrict your use of electricity.

A small family of 2 to 3 members or a single occupant – a green studio apartment in OMG Noida is the answer to all your residence problems.

OMG Studio Apartments at Noida Expressway – Redefining Luxury Living for the Busy Professionals

The benefits of living in studio apartments are literally endless. These compact living units allows for the most economical use of space. A perfect residential choice for new age nomads, the studios makes luxury affordable. It is hardly surprising that in the recent times, studio apartments have created ripples in the real estate markets all over India. OMG studio apartments Noida expressway is Bayaweaver’s response to the demands of India’s new generation property buyers.

The real estate landscape of Noida reflects the area’s thriving job market and influx of high-paid professionals engaged in the money-making sectors like BPO and IT. OMG Noida has been created to cater to this upwardly mobile class. Accordingly, the studios showcase a wonderful combination of innovative design and architecture finesse.
OMG Noida
A brainchild of Tripsai Architect, Sohrab, DPA, M. N. Consultant and ANI Designs, these luxurious units are completely aligned with the high-paced, on-the-go lifestyle of modern individuals. The amenities offered are strictly up to the global standards. The unique architectural features create an illusion of space; while the thoughtful décor lets you live an up-scale lifestyle.

In today’s information age, who does not know the value of location when it comes to the investments in real estate? Taking into account the expectations of its target customers, OMG Noida project sits in a perfect location on Noida Expressway, in close proximity to the region’s IT hub housing a bevy of IT majors like Dell, Aon Hewitt, Havells and many more.

As said earlier, OMG Noida has been created to offer premium lifestyle to the modern day nomads, who are ready to pay the price for all sorts of convenience. The OMG studios strive to do just that by offering to meet the resident’s daily needs right within the boundaries of the property. Thus, this Noida property comprises of premium commercial and retail spaces that are aimed at making life easier for the working professionals, who spend a major part of the day outside their home.

Last but not the least, security is another deciding factor when it comes to buying a house. With hi-class security features like secured digital locks for all units, key card entry to elevators and CCTV surveillance cameras, OMG studio apartment lets its high profile occupants live a secure, stress free life.



OMG Studio Apartment Noida Expressway – A True Paradise of Modern Lifestyle

Do you want to live in a modern lifestyle? Indulge yourself into a true feeling of unprecedented levels of luxury and comforts at OMG Noida – a place that meet all your specific luxurious private living requirements. Ranging in 594 sq, these masterfully designed OMG Studios Apartments are available in two types – Studio and Super Studio bring you futuristic luxury homes with hi-tech facilities nestling amidst beautiful surroundings.

Searching for a luxurious studio apartment can be difficult. But online guidance for searching a good apartment can help to make the process faster and easier.  Oh My God Noida is one of the best places from where can easily search for a studio apartment which is designed by international architects. Find your perfect fit and feel relaxed and comfortable.

OMG Noida

OMG Noida

In the project OMG Noida Expressway, you have

Ground and 1st floor reserved for retail usage
2nd floor for virtual space (IT Companies)
3rd to 5th floors dedicated for car parking and PVR
6th floor brings all luxury-lovers a lavish clubhouse.
Rests of the floors for commercial as well as residential uses.

Oh My God Noida studio apartments are craftsmanship of many prestigious architectural firms like DPA, Tripasai Architect, Foundry of Space and ANI Designs to name few. All these firms united together to come up with an endeavor that offers you a comfortable living, working and retail experience – a perfect blend of a good life.

Also, OMG studio apartment offers some extraordinary recreational facilities such as Tennis Courts, gymnasium, sauna & steam rooms, Basketball Court, multiplexes, food chains, spa and convenience shops.


OMG Studio Apartments Noida Expressway – Reside In Ultra-Luxury

The present financial problem has led to various people having to shift their residence to other states. As a result, a search has begun in an effort to find studio apartments which are spacious and fulfill all the needs of an individual while at the same time is affordable. If you too are looking for comfortable, stylish studio apartments in Noida, then OMG Noida is the best place to end your quest.

Oh My God, located at Noida Expressway, are well furnished studio apartments that are facilitated keeping in mind international designs that serve your requirements best for all the urban and luxury living. Each and every plot at OMG noida comes with  Italian Marble Flooring, Semi furnished kitchen with sink, hob and chimney,  Bath fittings include sink, pot and shower accessories and  Hazard-free underground cabling. In addition to this, 24 hour power back-up & water supply, Digital Locks on the main door,   Multi-level stacked parking and 3 Tier Security access control systems.

Sun Shade 10

OMG Studio Apartments Noida Expressway is the best place to live in as it brings all modern amenities to your doorstep, like the lounge, sanctuary pond, recreational area, food court and specialty restaurants, squash court, jogging track, basketball court, sauna and steam room, Multiplex with 4 screens, manicured landscaped gardens and so much more.

Above all, its retail space in Noida is another advantage that makes OMG a worthy investment; especially for those who are planning to start afresh and may want to start a new business. The best part is that OMG on Noida Expressway is 15 mins drive from South Delhi, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.



Oh My God Noida-8800-49-0004

Oh-My-God-NoidaOh My God: Bayaweaver brings Studio Apartments in Oh My God, Sec-129, Jaypee Wishtown, Noida Expressway. Call @ 8800-49-0004 for Oh My God (OMG) Noida.

Baya weaver (a BOP Group venture) brings Serviced Studio Apartments, Residential and Commercial Space in Oh My God (OMG) Located in Sec-129, Jaypee Wishtown, Noida Expressway. Spread across 4.67 acres of land, OMG Noida is part of 1100 acres of Jaypee Wish Town. OMG Serviced Studio Apartments offer compact space that can be used as office during day time and a party hub during night. The super studios can also be used as bedrooms.

 Project Highlights:

  • OMG apartments are available in 2 sizes 594 sq ft (with balcony) and 545 sq ft (without balcony)
  • Located Near Major MNC Companies Like- Dell, HCL, IBM, Tcs Adobe, Alstom, Etc.
  • No Maintenance cost.
  • 100% Paid Up Land
  • Secured Campus With Key Card Access To Lifts, elevators And Digital Locking For Every Apartments, Plus High Definition CC-TV Cameras Surveillance
  • Serviced Super Studios With A Ceiling Height Of 4.5 Metres
  • High speed elevators and lot more
  • On Noida Expressway & Near To Yamuna Expressway
  • An Integrated Indoor And Outdoor Sports Space
  • Vast Retail Area, It Park Ready Space, Food Chains, Utility Stores, Hot & Cold Swimming Pools, Gym, Spa, Sauna, Branded Apparel Stores, Etc.
  • 24*7 Water Supply And Power Backup With High Speed Elevators, Green Building, Dedicated Parking, Concierge Service Etc
  • Centrally Acclimatized Units
  • Lavish clubhouse
  • Multiplex (4 screens)
  • Luxury retail zones

Contact Details:

Call @ 8800-490-004