Studio Apartment and its Benefits

The Wikipedia says –
“A studio apartment, also known as an efficiency apartment or bachelor apartment or serviced apartment, is a small apartment which combines living room, bedroom, and kitchenette into a single room. “Bachelor” or “efficiency” apartments are sometimes smaller than studio apartments. Studio apartments are generally for bachelor/ single occupancy. These kinds of apartments typically consist of one large room which serves as the living, dining, and bedroom. Kitchen facilities may either be located in the central room, or in a small separate room, and the bathroom is usually in its own smaller room.”

In India, studio apartments are usually termed as ‘1 room + kitchen’ apartment or ‘serviced apartments’. Mostly, it also contains a hall coupled with a bedroom with an attached kitchen and bathroom. The standard area employed in building a studio apartment falls in the range of 200 to 450 square feet.
Nowadays, most youngsters are following this trend of settling in studio apartments. It is small, easier to handle, and cost-effective as well.

B-town is never far behind when it comes to setting a trend or following one. John Abraham has been known for his trendy and classy style statements. His house is a wonder indeed. The theme is studio and the interiors are amazing.
‘Oh My God Noida’ or ‘Oh My God Noida Expressway’ – a realty venture by BOP via Bayaweaver which has laid stress especially on the development of studio apartments on Noida Expressway as well as other regions of Noida (both serviced and un-serviced), has indeed successfully created wonder houses. These are located at a very strategic location as Noida and the regions near Noida Expressway are upcoming SEZs with a lot of future potential. Are you in need of serviced apartments in Noida? Or studio apartments on Noida Expressway? Oh My God Noida is the answer to your needs.

Digital locks on the front doors, multi-storeyed parking, green surroundings, low cost maintenance, along with a planned location in the NCR region is indeed a box of gold for investors and buyers alike. The place where the project has been built on is well connected with transport systems; it is close to schools, colleges and banks. Moreover, if you are an employee in or around Noida, what more can you ask for! You live close to your workplace.
The studio apartments under this project have ample amount of space along with special environment friendly features. Now it is imperative for all investors and buyers to know that Green Buildings come at a marginal higher price as compared to the usual apartments, but the subsequent maintenance cost comes down to less than half as compared to the usual apartments. Electricity bill turns out to be quite less, for starters. And since the whole structure is environment friendly, it does not need much care to sustain the quality. It does its own job without any extra costs.

We further provide you with a list of benefits for residing in a studio Apartment of ‘OMG Noida’ as opposed to the usual 1-roomed apartments:

The money for rent every month is less. If you buy a studio apartment, it is less costly as compared to usual 1-room apartments. At OMG Noida, a green studio apartment helps you save a lot of money otherwise as well as emphasized earlier.

Less space to clean, hence easier to maintain for working people. Moreover, you do not need to invest in a lot of things for furnishing the entire place. A bit here and there is enough. You can choose what is most essential and what you love most to decorate your studio apartments.

Saving on electricity bill is one of the biggest perks of staying in a studio apartment, especially when it is a green one as in OMG Noida. You can invest in other things you like from the money you save on electricity every month. The best part is that you do not have to restrict your use of electricity.

A small family of 2 to 3 members or a single occupant – a green studio apartment in OMG Noida is the answer to all your residence problems.


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