Oh My God’ serving in retail spaces too?

Looking at the global economic scenario as soon as the year started, it did not go too well for many economic giants. After the first three months of this year 2014 many global economic giants have been reported to contract. There was less trading between companies globally along with less order of goods. Yet the level of consumption has not gone down; on the contrary it has increased a bit.
Many economic surveys have been conducted. They all point to one thing – economic activity was downtrodden around the globe for the first quarter of 2014. The contraction was almost by an amount of 0.2 per cent as compared to last year’s data.
But in India, things would become better – it is believed so. After the heralding of the new government with a fresh perspective on development, the stocks are seen to be rising as well.

OMG-Noida-Rear-Ele-Night-ViewIn the light of this, Oh My God Noida Expressway – a project undertaken by Bayaweaver Limited, which is an initiative by BOP Group of Real Estate consultants – has come up with a high-class set of retail properties along the upcoming SEZ. This retail shops project, located in and around Noida Sector 129 near the Noida expressway has many new customer oriented strategies in order to help you make your purchase of any retail property easier.
The project has decided to give away a 12 per cent assured rate of return, along with a guarantee of lease up to the year 2027. Bayaweaver’s schemes in this regard are very attractive and customer oriented. Customers will find it easier to invest or buy under such circumstances.

This project has a variety of retail spaces under its wing. Situated right in the heart of the SEZ Noida, this chain of retail spaces is perfect for anyone looking for investments with the safety of assured returns. Even if you are a first time investor, this would prove to be a stable and profit-based venture. It is seen that retail spaces never lose their value, even in the face of an economic breakdown. It is one part of real estate which always has a rising valuation. Moreover, this offer period of 9 years of lease is also beneficial.

Oh My God Noida’ is a project which has not only produced world class retail infrastructure, but has also given birth to a number of residential projects which are no less than paradise.
Nowadays, people also look at the means of communications and transport. Well-connected by metros, buses, rickshaws and autos, the locations of the project are alluring indeed. People will have absolutely no problems in commuting between places.

This bunch of retail spaces has taken flight after 12 months of immaculate planning and hard work by a team of dedicated officials, who are now proud to present to you the one of the best retail structures in the world.
It can be said that OMG Noida has revolutionized the way of working and living. It has made its mark on the Indian Real Estate list and has set a new record in the field of infrastructure. Now, Retail Space in Noida has a new form and structure.

So, if you are thinking of owning shops in Noida, Oh My God would certainly have a list of options for you to choose from. This new chain of Commercial Property in Noida has all kinds of facilities, starting from parking spaces to sky bars and restaurants. Amit Mavi, the founder of Bayaweaver rightly says, “OMG delivers a course of life that is cosmopolitan, dynamic and high-class. It is crafted for those who know precisely what they want” – especially in case of these super commercial retail spaces along with residential apartments in the vicinity.


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